Start spring cleaning early

Spring cleaning can be a big chore and some people just skip over it after feeling to overwhelmed with a long list of to-dos. Taking the time to slowly start the process can help make spring cleaning far more manageable. January and February can be super cold months so put the time spent indoors to good use.

Closets are always a good place to start getting rid of cluttering, they are areas that collect so much stuff. Go from room to room cleaning out and reorganizing the closets. Tackle those "junk" drawers while you're at it.

Clean out clothes that don't fit or are out of style.

Go through the kitchen and get rid of old appliances and dishes. Clean out pantries, fridges, and freezes.

If you still have energy and time go through any storage rooms in your house and clear out the stuff that hasn't been used in 3 years and has no use or sentimental value.

Doing these tasks before spring will give you a great head start to spring cleaning and more time to enjoy the lovely spring weather.

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