Fall yard to do

  Fall is the perfect time to prep your yard for winter so it comes out better in spring. September and October is the perfect time to start. Make sure you over seed the entire yard focus on bare spots and yellowing spots. Over seeding will ensure a thick full lawn and reduce weed growth by chocking them out. 

Speaking of weeds, fall is a really good time spray for weeds, they are starting to grow deep roots and prepare for seeding so knocking them out now will reduce weeds come spring. 

Don't forget to prune plants and trees according to their specific needs. Also, make sure to keep your lawn at 2.5"-3" long for winter, too short can stress it and too long can invite. Stop mowing your lawn when you notice it isn't growing taller. 

Aerate and rake your yard to give your grass an extra boost. Make sure you don't let leave gather before the first snow or you may have rot on your hands come spring. Fall fertilizer is also very essential for a healthy yard come spring, look for nitrogen rich blends. 

Lastly, fall is a great time to put down sod and plant certain trees, be sure to check your zone and specific plant species for best planting time. Read up on what your trees need to be cared for during the winter, some trees will need watering even if there is snow on the ground. 

If you need a bin to haul off your yard waste feel free to give us a call. 


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